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The question is have they the evidence to take action a person with a dog who no one seems to know or recognise no CCTV no name just a bloke with a dog who could be from Dawlish but could also be on holliday from Glasgow or Birmingham,York,Doncaster.  So the Police can take a thousand statements they will all differ and without hard evidence it's a dead end and other and more important ...

What do you mean by pansy? Trump is a moron.

What a lovely day on the lawn today with the colourful vehicle gathering and the great music from the group on the bandstand. Thanks to all those who brought their vehicles to Dawlish for our enjoyment and packed the lawns out. Let's hope there will be room on the lawns for repeat performances for years to come!

It sounds as if there were quite a few witnesses who were keen to get involved. Has it definitely been reported that the police won't take action?

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CCTV what CCTV, is that the one that hardly works doesnt cover the Lawn area and in overcast conditions has little or no function the Police can't be arsed or is it the public who dont want to get involved.

I saw drinking going on outside of Seabreeze the other night. Does this mean the licence WAS granted?

The former Mare & Foal Sanctuary charity shop. £12K rent a year plus at least £3.3K business rates.

The Stars & Stripes
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Bit sexist lol

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North Korea stopping nuclear tests just shows that Trump's Churchill style stance was correct. This also shows that the lefty flower power wimps are the real danger. There's no room for a bunch of pansies to get in the way, real problems are solved by real men. Hippies can go take some drugs and get high, while real men run the world. Well done Donald Trump, you are a true friend to ...