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If I wanted to negotiate any kind of deal would I: a) be making noises that if I didn't get fair treatment I would walk away with nothing rather than leave with detrimental terms or b) tell the other party everything that I would give them and put this in place before negotiations began in the forlorn hope that they might be benificent in return. I think it would probably be the ...

19 Mar 2017

Sooooo.....Is the protest about a deal that hasn't even been negotiated yet?

Perhaps they were too ill to attend.

Has anyone else noticed the plethora of signage that has appeared on Teignmouth Road? There are now 10 x 40mph signs each way (so 20 in total) located in the one mile stretch between Lea Mount and Derncleugh Gardens! What a waste of money - must be trying to use up this year's budget.

Hmmm..... Suggest you read Sect 3.9 of the Devon Home Choice Policy Document. You will then be able to decide for yourself how easy it is for people with no local ties to get Home Choice properties in Teignbridge with a little help from their own area Housing Officer. Additionally Sect 1.5.9 states that "Each of the organisations involved in the Devon Home Choice Partnership has an ...

25 Jan 2017

Agree with Gary's analysis of Home Choice. I doubt many Dawlishians would agree that people from say Barnstaple, Ilfracombe etc should be considered 'local' for housing priority...but they are. This does not just apply to Devonians though. It is recognised that Housing Officers can re-grade 'problem cases' to give them a better chance of housing outside of their jurisdiction thus passing ...

25 Jan 2017

Can't see any flats listed on the plan. Any affordable housing wouldn't go to local people anyway due to the Devon Home Choice Scheme. One parking space for each unit provided. It doesn't look like a bad development for my old school.

7 Dec 2016

I'm with Monty on this. The problem will only get worse until the Home Choice Schemes are stopped. If you live in a big city,. on benefits, why would you not want to come to the seaside and receive the same benefits? Our biggest problem down here is not migrants from abroad; it's migrants from the UK. And please don't tell me that this town hasn't changed since Home ...

Judas H Priest. This is why I only look at this site sparingly. Someone asked about crabs then insullts happen. I think the crabs are used in lobster and other pots which is why they are left. The more 'stinky' the better when used as bait.

Syrian refugees
15 Nov 2015

@slargemail How's that 5th column looking now you naive buffoon? RIP to all those who died in Paris & my heart goes out to the families and those injured.

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