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Just charged with robbery and no other assault charges?

DAWLISH Community College requires improvement, education inspectors have said. Ofsted visited the secondary school in December and reported that the overall effectiveness, the effectiveness of leadership and management, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for pupils all require improvement. When inspectors last visited the ...

I see the Carnival Committee kept it pleasant with this little piece on Facebook. Dawlish Carnival & Entertainment Community Interest Company Our piece for the Gazette. DAWLISH CARNIVAL & ENTERTAINMENT C.I.C. After a very disillusioned and disappointing start to the year, we ended up having a great time. We were able to spend good quality time with friends and family, ...

I do wonder what it will take for people to learn.  I was behind a woman from Teignmouth to Kingsteignton roundabout blatantly texting the whole way!

DAWLISH charity boss Caz Steffens has announced her shop in the town is to close. The Snooky Trust charity shop in Queen Street has been run for nine years but Caz has revealed that although the premises will close, the Snooky Trust as a charity will continue. Read on ...

i agree @Lynne .  let's face it singular cyclists are unlikely to use this cycle path, it's more likely going to be families.  you do wonder the thought process behind some of these decisions.

Let's be fair.  The title of this thread indicates what is being discussed.  If you're not interested in the thread, don't read or reply to it.  Simple.  Walk away and do something more interesting, you're not obliged to get involved.

Red arrows coming to the town for carnival week

Talking to a couple of people tonight whose kids are going, seems to be quite a few who haven't decided how they're getting there!

21 May 2016

Leisure Centre will be closed in Dawlish Saturday/Sunday for anyone who usually goes there.

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