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On very low tides/spring tides you can get out towards the parson and clerk there are good muscles out there but you cant linger you will have no more than 20 to 30 minutes and conditions have to be calm.

DEEDOODLE I hope your wife is ok what mindles cretin would do such a thing the stupidity of some folk out there makes the mind boggle.

Well Lynne in the very near future you will have to, the day of the High Street Bank is nearly over.

1 Sep 2018

In 2017 90% of UK households had a internet connection with the highest percentage age group not having internet being in the 75+range so i presume as us oldies die of the percentage having internet will increase.

31 Aug 2018

Well my Bank is in Newton Abbot and i haven't been there for at least 12 years, why would i need to everything is online. Now i know there are those in there twilight years who dont bank online but they will soon be gone as will the High Street branches it's the old story use it or lose it and folk dont use High Street Banks it is as simple as that. And remember they will always be by your side ...

Water Pressure
25 Aug 2018

Pleased to say as from this morning the Tarn is full again and the trout are back swimming free.

25 Aug 2018

16 Aug 2018

Well sorry folks would love to carry on this conversation but yet again i am of on my travels back in a few weeks.

15 Aug 2018

Maybe immigration policy needs to change and one of the criteria for gaining access to the UK would be to speak good English maybe it will after we leave the EU and with a bit of luck they will do strict background checks as well.

15 Aug 2018

Spot on burnside.

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