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Tory Leadership Vote
19 Jun 2019

Glad Rory is out, fed up with listening to his non-sense.

A UK/US deal will be beneficial to both our countries. Both have a lot to offer. Post Brexit we won't have the eu taking they huge cut for doing nout.

19 Jun 2019

He is the American President, he should put America first. Shame we don't have a leader like that, yet.


Tory Leadership Vote
19 Jun 2019

Anything is better than the communist eu, holding us all back.

18 Jun 2019

After 40 years of wandering in the desert, Boris led the Exodus of the Brits out of the EU and across the English Channel.

18 Jun 2019 I'm hoping Gove is out, that would be pay back for back stabbing Boris. Super Boris to rescue [of our country]

Boris is by far the best candidate to by our next PM. He received 114 well deserved votes in the latest leadership selection vote. So now we can look forward to a 'no deal' clean exit from the eu as instructed by the British public 3 years ago.

As Burneside says, scrap this unfair tax. If you want BBC services then you can pay for it by choice. Currently I have to pay for the BBC even though I hate it.

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