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How is there going to be new management? They run as a business with directors? They can't be sacked, the only way to replace them is if they resign. Now if they do that then fantastic but until then they have the right to carry on with using the name of Dawlish Carnival and nothing changes. BTW haven't read the gazette this week yet

Sandy Lane
27 Jan 2016

Shall be shopping for groceries online and baking my own bread!! There's no chance of nipping to Sainsburys now, each trip takes half an hour just to get there and back, another example of the fine joined-up-thinking of our local authorities etc. Muppets

Years ago I was at a meeting in which a DCC highways chap said to those complaining about parking along Westcliff that it acts as a traffic calming measure in itself. It forces traffic to go slower! My youngest went to Gatehouse and left 11 ish years ago, it was a nightmare then, especially if it was wet as those that would walk or park further away couldn't possibly get wet.  Many times the ...

Flo - once upon a time there were plans to have a cemetery there once the one in Oak Hill was full.  Don't know when that idea was changed, possibly when the value of the land when up as it became worth building on.....

Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2015

One comment only - if you think it's acceptable to turn away from people in crisis, people who have fled their homes, their family, their jobs (they're not all scroungers that want our welfare system), their way of life etc - then shame on you. And let's all pray to whatever deity we believe in (although Christians, Arabs & Jews have the same God just different ideas of who is or is not His son ...

There always seems to be a surgery and a nursing home in the first draft of plans for big developments, then they get quietly dropped.

Wish I was a copper
20 Aug 2015

Elvis - is he independent or with a school?  if he's with a school then report him to them - they can take action internally. If you or anyone else want to take it further then contact the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency as all instructors have to adhere to a code of practice

15 Aug 2015

FB. A few years ago the fair came under it's own booking as a commercial interest that paid a proper fee for doing so. That fee was roughly the same as the cost of any repairs or groundwork needed on the Lawn. Now the fair comes in on the carnival booking, the carnival pays the same fee (I understand) as any other organisation or charity wanting to book the Lawn. So does that mean that TDC ...

Hear hear Lynne, mine's be told to just pick a decent home and get on with life. I mean it too.  An occasional visit will be nice but you don't have children just so they can put their life on hold when you get old.

14 Aug 2015

Why should grown up children take responsibility for their parents?  I couldn't, their health is a darn sight better than mine, some days I struggle to walk around the house yet my supposedly elderly parents have been off walking for miles! My sibling has chosen to have nothing to do with his family so who would ensure that our parents' care is shared equally? As for funding care when we ...

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