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" white country" says a lot about you @burneside "I am so privileged and really don't deserve anything I have achieved." it has nothing to do with what you have achieved or deserve. Let's hope for a very localised asteroid impact!

The UK is still a democracy. It was a non-legally binding referendum that the current government promised to adhere to the result. We get to vote them out in the next general election. If it wasn't a democracy you wouldn't be getting that chance.

10 Apr 2019

Possibly 52% don't like the EU but not definitely not all

H ere you can start to understand implicit racial bias with a few scholar articles (just read the abstracts, you don't need to purchase the full paper to understand the studies) racial bias&btnG=

10 Apr 2019

Shall we play BS bingo with what @burnesdie is always posting?

10 Apr 2019

@burneside and @leatash is blackface just makeup? Just wonder how far it goes before we decide that it is wrong. " We're talking about a chocolate duck for christ's sake" why didn't they make the white duck the ugly one then? It was an insensitive decision. No one is saying the chocolate duck is a symbol of racism or those that created it are racist but they didn't think what it would ...

10 Apr 2019

" Try using an insult that only applies to black people" yes, that would be racist.

10 Apr 2019

@leatash calling the black duck ugly and you can't see why that is wrong?

The backstop is to ensure there is no need for a hard border. Ireland still wants to be in the EU as they see the benefits. You can't just say " We should leave with no deal and have no border in Ireland" it is so much more complex than that. As is leaving with no deal. It was ridiculous in 2016 to give the people a referendum on this and it's proven over and over that still to be true.

" Gammon is an insult aimed at white people, of course it is racist." - as racism is based on feeling your race is superior over another race I don't know how this can be racism. It is an insult .

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