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And then all and sundry will descend on us this weekend as campsites are open from Saturday. My advice stay indoors they will be from all over the country and probably bringing Covid with them.

30 Jun 2020

Well i dont shop in town so it wont affect me, everything i need is via the internet delivered to the door and i exercise late when eveyone is tucked up in bed but. The proposals are mad but hey thats Dawlish.

29 Jun 2020

The solution is simple a one way system with the shop side down and the lawn side up leave parking as is  the only  problem is some people dont seem to follow guidance of any kind.

And what makes you think i am a brexiteer i just accepted the outcome of a democratic vote as everyone should have and we would probably now be in a better place but hey it's what it is.

26 Jun 2020

I get the point but we need to fly the flag especially now, we are at long last free of of the EU and we need to advertise GREAT BRITAIN.

26 Jun 2020

Lynne there will always be those who have and those who don't. In 1963 I listened to a conversation between my father and his great friend Tony Benn and the topic was the redistribution of wealth, so it went something like this.  Tony Benn, "if we took all the money from everyones bank accounts, put it in a pot and then gave everyone in the UK a equal share, in twelve months we would have ...

What a mess.
24 Jun 2020

It will probably get sorted when the new sea wall is built, most of the  debris is the old sewer outfall  it used to belong to South West Water and i remember they were refused permission to remove it cant remember why though.

23 Jun 2020

I do believe that is so, about two weeks ago.

They are spending over a £100 billion on furlough and support for small bussinesses. I always find it strange how folk never talk about the positive things goverments do.

19 Jun 2020

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