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No more free bus passes for those of state pension age then?

28 Jan 2015

Basically, if you want to live in a rural environment and not be cut off even more than you might already be, you'll need to have your own transport.

What constitutes a minor injury? It would be useful for us all to have an idea then we'd know to go either to our nearest MIU or the RDE. Info on here might help does Dawlish and/or Teignmouth have x-ray facilities? Ask as a few years back I slipped and lost all movement in my arm. Didn't even enter ...

Incident - Entrapment
15 Dec 2014

So terribly, terribly sad.

@flo - i totally agree with what you are saying. not all cyclists may go to the warren nnr. not all walkers may go to the warren nnr. there again some might. potential extra footfall caused by the exe trail is seemingly okay but not potential extra visitors caused by the new housing. that is what i am getting at. there appears to be a contradiction.

27 Nov 2014

@flo - Cyclists could easily stop off at the nature reserve and walkers will be using the path as well. And somewhere, somewhere, in the back of my mind I seem to recall reading something about the possibility of a bike hire/repair shop being set up at the Warren. Ideal place to park up bikes whilst exploring the area?

27 Nov 2014

er..........all these extra people that this new trail will bring to the Exe Estuary and Dawlish Warren area............. I thought the whole point of needing SANGS (see other threads) is to dissuade people from visiting both these places. Go on someone - explain to me the logic of it all.

JC - are you saying that papers sometimes make things up?

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