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Dawlish News

You just could not make it up. Saw the tele and what mad I larf was the intention for the travellers to pay council tax etc. Are you ------- joking

Animal Rescue
7 Apr 2013

Another report for those wanting to know how the seagull (victim)is doing especially the RSPCA who seem to have lost interest. Well the little fella has taken to the wing and is cr---ping merrily over my car.

6 Apr 2013

Since nobody seems to care about the seagull involved in this rescue may I tell you that its bowel movements are in fine working order. Well done to the RSPCA.

Building Fire
5 Apr 2013

I think the Langstone Cliff Hotel were very lucky to have a fire engine able to turn up as it seems some units were doing a Dick Van Dyke over a bloody seagull.

Animal Rescue
5 Apr 2013

P.S. Suppose a fireman got injured or killed over a bloody seagull. To whom it may concern GET A LIFE.

5 Apr 2013

RSPCA will be out with the begging bowl next. Am I allowed to say tossers?

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