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Dawlish News

The problem would be solved if people stopped eating pasties and chips as they walk.around. .. .the gulls would soon get fed up and stay out to sea.

22 Mar 2013

Never understand why people need to stoop to that kind of lamguage to make a point.

If you didnt Channel4 Despatches last night on prices of fruit and veg can watch here > I always thought it was cheaper to buy veg in small shops..supermarkets have always capatalised on people who do their shop in one place..

15 Jan 2013

I visited friends in town tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm and walked the length of the Strand, oh my, so depressing. What on earth is going on?   I suggest others should do this one evening at the same time and make an honest opinion.  I am sorry but if anyone visited with a view to open a shop you would have to go look elsewhere to a town where there is a at least a chance of some business.  If the Coop ...

15 Jan 2013

I lived in Dawlish 10 years that time the shops were little supported by locals. Remember this is way before Sainsburys arrived.  Trade was always down to visitors, without them there was little point in a shop.. I see no point opening a shop in winter when streets deserted, just for the locals to say 'nobody goes in there'...they have always had great pleasure out of failure.   Mind, all the ...

Thought you would like to see the picture >

Two pubs to avoid!!!

Car looks smart for what I know about them! Guess you shouldnt advertise your business on a discussion page,..shame some people can be so nasty though...I am sooooooo pleased I left Dawlish.

I see on their website they claim  ...'The Lansdowne is the bestest pub in Dawlish, if not the world' Lol

I would have thought there was plenty of evidence to simply close it down. Who would have thought a Dawlish pub would ever need 'bouncers'.

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