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Dear oh dear Viaduct, I've been sat here for three days waiting for you to ask me a "straightforward" question. Fire away, me old china.

Proud to be British
22 Aug 2008

It must hurt Dullish Roy so much to see people being successful and our country sitting proudly on the centre stage of the world. Well done to Tim Brabants for winning the canoe/kayak race in truly remarkable fashion. Make no mistake, this is historic stuff that we are witnessing here! We ought to be proud of what is happening right now, rather than resorting to petty and irrelevant ...

And here's me thinking that I was posing a straightforward question to Dullish! I wouldn't replace him with Wally Protheroe, he represents the wrong party for me.

Keep your neb out Dullish Roy. Been quiet on here without all your Anon aliases, hasn't it... FAO of Dick Turpin: I personally think that £15 an hour for a seminar about "kick ass moves" is a tad expensive in this day and age of the so-called credit crunch. That's my opinion. Oh, and don't you think that encouraging people to kick donkeys is rather cruel? ;-) I get it... Dawlish has been ...

20 Aug 2008

£15 an hour?? At least Dick Turpin wore a mask! Not sure about "kick ass", more like "stick it up your ass". Have a nice day.

Dawlish Town went out of the FA Cup last night after being beaten 3-2 at Wimborne Town. The hosts scored what proved to be the winner in the third minute of extra-time. The night had started so well for Dawlish, who took a 15th minute lead via a superb header from Derek Fields. But the hosts were level by half-time and, within five minutes of the restart, had taken the lead. The visitors ...

I'm really surprised that more people don't use the local, regional and indeed national train services and would be extremely disappointed if this paricular service was cut in the way that the letter writer suggests. The last time I had the need to travel by train (when I went to the Eden Project), because there were 3 of us it only cost us £8 each Return. It would have me cost more there and ...

I agree, the sooner Ross The Younger is out, the better. Who would you replace him with though?

How bizarre! See you tomorrow kids, I've got places to go and people to see. Play nicely whilst I'm gone. Oh, and if anyone has any news, please feel free to share it. Or any straightforward questions...

Proud to be British
19 Aug 2008

Well done to Christine Ohuruogu, the latest British success story! What a truly wonderful few days this has been, with Britain third in the medal table: 16 Gold 9 Silver 8 Bronze Quite breath-taking.

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