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General Discussion

9 Aug 2018

Can we think of a different title for the thread? I think it is OK to discuss news topics and express views, but I did feel a bit uncomfortable with the title and first post when I first saw this thread.

Hi, it's now fixed. You may need to press CTRL-F5 to reload the change.

4 Jul 2018

I see what you mean. Looking into it now ...

@Brooklyn Bridge , sorry for not getting back sooner. If you or anyone else ever needs to email me then my email is

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29 Mar 2018

Apologies for the outage today between 11am and 4pm. It was due to a fibre network breakage apparantly, which took out a lot of the network.

FAO Webmaster/Ziggy
17 Jan 2018

@Diana Mond , no worries. I usually change the user from me to the original user when I create the new thread so that they get the notifications and not me. I have to do it manually, so I may be doing it slightly differently each time.

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