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Dawlish News

AVGsupport needs removing webmaster.

8 Jan 2018

It's the sort of silly news we have to or don't have to get used too theses days.

Lynne, I thought plod may have come in here, but I was wrong. However:- The income from on-street charging and any penalty charge payments received (whether for on-street or off-street enforcement) must only be used in accordance with section 55 (as amended) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

5 Jan 2018

What his is reason for this----- Proposals to axe free Sunday parking and for a steep hike in winter parking charges at the Dawlish Warren car park have been slammed by the mayor of Dawlish.

Is there a sign anywhere declaring a countryside park or a sign antwhere directing people to it.

3 Jan 2018

How any people use that park every day? Are they the same people that use it every day? I have only ever seen the car park full once. Most times when I pass it is less than half full. How many people in Dawlish have used the park? I cannot imagine many people walking to the park. So whilst it is a good thing, is it being talked up to make others look good as to what they have ...

I didn't see it officer.

29 Dec 2017

Or to put it another way. Man is man's biggest enemy not the road.

Whether they consented or not, the crooked judge Cottle did not take into consideration that they were under age. So does it send out a message that providing underage girls consent, everything will be legal if they have sex?

Your imput is debateable more than most, as how would you know that damage is to a lesser or greater extent. If something was a total wipeout, all you could say is, that it didn't work.

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