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Tory Leadership Vote
20 Jun 2019

@Lynne (and therefore our Prime Minister). Have you got a crystal ball?

Feral thugs
18 Jun 2019

Everyone should know by now that we have a new breed of people. Those people declare that everyone makes mistakes and should be forgiven for what they do.

Child sex abuse victims have criticised Boris Johnson for claiming police funding was being "spaffed up the wall" investigating historical allegations. And if anybody does not know what "spaffed" means, I am told by Victoria Derbyshire, that it means ejaculating against a wall. If he gets the top earners Tax cuts as he is claiming, who will be paying for that. @Lynne , I have asked a ...

13 Jun 2019

@Paul You have not been listening to what that buffoon has said, you have to listen to all he has said, not just the bits that you think will suit his cause.

Yes @Lynne , but the people that I am talking about are never paid by the person that has provided the course, no matter how many hours they are on the course. They are still registered as unemployed and only receive their unemployment benefit. If they do not go on a course, they receive no benefit. So they have to go on a course.

11 Jun 2019

Well @1263 the topic started off about TV licences having to be paid by those  over 75 and then went on to tell others (as if they already didn't know) what other tory tricks they get up too. I threw my bit in as it is important to know what other tricks they have got up to since they have been in power. When you are unemployed and you register as unemployed, you are not given the unemployment ...

11 Jun 2019

Has anyone ever wondered why unemployment keeps going down?

11 Jun 2019

And there is always more that they will not tell you about until it hits you. But guaranteed it will not hit the rich. They have always been the dirtiest underhand party that ever existed, yet you still get people voting for them that are the hardest hit. My mother was a strong tory voter, and she struggled trying to bring up five of us. She would not change her mind at any cost. Snobbery comes to ...

9 Jun 2019

I may have taken a fix carer, of coco, before I was accused of making spelling mistakes and being never wrong..

9 Jun 2019

Who forced Gove to take drugs? And who forces any other person to take drugs? Has Gove however profoudly sorry he is that he took drugs, ever considered reporting the person that supplied the drugs to him, to the authorities? He has (Gove) admitted he committed a crime, so what are the authorities going to do about it albeit twenty years ago when it happened???? A crime is a crime however long ago ...

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