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The Stars & Stripes
26 Apr 2018

"and deserves respect" What a shame HE doesn't respect others but expects respect himself.

26 Apr 2018

Well Paul. Your hero is coming on the 13th July. I suppose that you will be the only one who will be waving the flag and happy to see him as no one else will.

@Brooklyn Bridge "The police had arrived and statements were taken". Well, that's the last we will hear of that then. Unfortunately. Let's face it, the Police are a waste of time in this town.

Looks as if they are standing on the wires.

2 Apr 2018

You missed out Chewing Gum

29 Mar 2018

@webmaster Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

What with the Exeter road as well. How is that getting on?

How sweet. Thanks for posting.

Once again, majorp's venemous tounge has lashed out. " They cannot fiddle with those widths." Just wait until you are disabled and have to struggle getting out of your car because some inconsiderate bar steward has parked too close to you.

I see that majorp gives out a false statement. Exactly WHERE does it say that Terry Lowther 'Falls Asleep on the Job'? It doesn't, so WHY MAKE IT UP?

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