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Last few weeks have been very quiet, but today the number of vehicles seems to have increased quite a bit. Anyone else seeing this were they live?

Added 4 pics to last post.

21 Apr 2020

There seems to be activity at the old rectory this afternoon. 2 cranes and a gaggle of men at roof height. from planning dept it would seem an appeal went in to overturn the latest non decision by teignbridge, but activity is on site with some serious equipment!

early today i watched sainsbury delivery of food to elderly couple so that they do not have to go out. then later on daughter drives round with grand daughter to play in the middle of the  road, a foot or so apart for the best part of 20 mins before the daughter and grand daughter drive off. why should the delivery driver have to  put their lives at risk for these ignorant people! social ...

get the lazy bees out of prison to do it, ffs

Happy Easter 2020
13 Apr 2020

happy easter to you all, what lovely weather for easter and the bird song is amazing. one thing about the pandemic is the lack of noise from car, pkanes etc.

A couple of interesting vids, I thought.

@Dil ...I believe you answered your own question.

7 Apr 2020

certainly puts it into context. although i fear that the easter bank holiday will cause a lot of issues for our emergency services. i have been watching a bloke this morning shuffling a long a 45 degree house roof cleaning the slates with a brush as i have said before and will say again    'STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES'

5 Apr 2020

Interesting vid Don't think as many people are laughing now!

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