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No wonder they have withdrawn, until USA, China , & India  take environmental steps you are just Fart*ng against Thunder.....

Not disappointed generally overpriced tat

This thread is dead the waspies are not going to get anything so why continue this conversation!

Roll Up Roll up ......listen to all the bulls**t promises

He won't even get near the trough as he's labour..!!!!

Limp Dems History
7 Nov 2019

Climate Change From 2010 to 2015, Swinson voted alongside the Tories on numerous anti-environmental measures, including: October 2012: Jo Swinson voted with the Tories against measures to compel the UK Green Investment Bank to support a target of reducing UK carbon emissions June 2013: Jo Swinson voted with the Tories against measures to introduce a cap on carbon dioxide and other ...

Jeez not another philosophy lesson.

25 Oct 2019 Worster council apply for licence to cull seaguls. About time it happens here.?

See the great unemployed and unwashed are at it again in London. This is the mob that alledgely  george hooks supports ..........................

£35k  grand  a year... how do they arrive a these salaries decisions.? What, if anything,, are the independent council members doing about the cost to the taxpayers.?

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