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Apart from Deedoodle have any of the rest of you actually walked in this persons footsteps to see if what they are saying is accurate or are YOU just a load of OAPs having a moan? I for one will go and have a look at the weekend to see if this is an accurate report as, shock horror, it might be!!

Why do Teignbridge District Council HATE Dawlish so much? They do all they can to to deter visitors and do not support us in any way at all! Did you know that earlier this year they refused the Brunel Park (those iconic railway coaches that have been there since 1938) a certificate of lawfulness to run the site as a holiday park unless they proved it had been run as a holiday park previously. The ...

Also advertised in the Gazette today.

Well, we need another vote on the current proposals. How do we go about organising that?

@Daina Mond (Mrs C), your post wasn't subtle in the least, that's why it was nasty. Your subsequent post is the subtle version, perhaps you ought to look up the meaning of subtle! And, I think you have got the wrong end of the stick, again, I don't think anyone has said people don't take their kids to Teignmouth and Paignton to the play parks, in fact we know they do! Lynne's post is asking the ...

9 Oct 2017

Just read Mrs Cs post again, and yes, it is nasty!

8 Oct 2017

Well, at last, Diana Mond has shown her true colours, welcome, well no, not welcome, back Mrs C. Nasty is as nasty does!

But if you have kids aged 8 and under you are not going to leave them to visit the shops and definitely not to visit the eatste agents!! And it is unlikely you will drag them round the shops instead of allowing them to play in this amazing watered down play park! Why do these shop keepers think they are going to have masses of people surging through their shops because we get a watered down ...

7 Oct 2017

So, it's going to be a squidgy little play park, nothing like the size of the Teignmouth and Paignton play parks, so why would people come to Dawlish to use a watered down version of the other play parks? Why can't we be creative and inventive and offer something different and better? Why do we feel the need to copy the other towns?

3 Oct 2017

@vicks , all i can say is you were lucky. my husband was not so lucky, neither at torbay hospital nor barton surgery. and when i have shared my experience with friends in dawlish they all agree that services, particularly at torbay who failed their inspection last year, are horrendous!

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