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@Lynne , no, it is still beyond boring.

7 Jul 2016

Wonderful post from John Palmer.

Sadly not Gary, my hubby although home from hospital needs looking after. Good luck though in the meeting.

Well I knew you would pipe up as you just cannot help yourself. I will happily be rude to you as you are the vilest poster on this forum. Get back in your box.

6 Jul 2016

No need to be so rude Lynne.

6 Jul 2016

I didn't say I was speaking for everyone but it really is even beyond boring now.

absolutely agree @S !

Well said Purrrrrfect.

6 Jul 2016

Well said Gary 😊 Speak up tonight please.

I agree that this government under Cameron will never to anything to improve it as they all use private health care! Sadly the same is probably true of many of the elite Labour and Lib Dem MPs. None of them have any idea of what it is like to live the life of an ordinary person in this country.

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