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Well said Purrrrrfect.

6 Jul 2016

Well said Gary 😊 Speak up tonight please.

I agree that this government under Cameron will never to anything to improve it as they all use private health care! Sadly the same is probably true of many of the elite Labour and Lib Dem MPs. None of them have any idea of what it is like to live the life of an ordinary person in this country.

As this is now the Gary and Lynne show why don't you do this through email rather than on a public forum?

Changing tack only slightly, my husband has had to be admitted to hospital twice in the last month. On the first occasion I called 111 and what a shambles that was! When he was very ill again last weekend I took him to hospital myself, this saved about four hours based on my precious experience. It's all a shambles and needs urgent medical attention!

The Dawlish carnival week is shaping up to be a great week. Lots of local people have pledged their time to support the activities so I do hope the town gets behind this venture and it is a great success.

And we won't get one from you Mrs C as you rarely offer constructive comment on this site! For rarely read never.

1 Jul 2016

Oh, and the remain campaign spoke nothing but the truth throughout? Please! We made out choices now let's get on with the job and become a great country once again without being told what to do and when by overpaid losers in Brussels.

Well, it is the Exeter express and echo! If you read the article it also reports the barriers are behind the museum! Now I know the station is old but............

30 Jun 2016

@Hay Day , no idea, just know that two came off the seawall within a short space of time.

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