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Bunnies Boarding

Bunnies Boarding


About Our Boarding Service:


Bunnies Boarding is passionate about providing excellent care for your animal whilst you are away. We are a pet loving family who have over 16 years experience and so your pet will receive our upper most care and attention.
We are committed to your small animals needs and are a part of the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF)



We cater for each individual rabbits' needs whether it be an indoor or an outdoor rabbit.

For our boarding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs we will supply their hutches, bedding, bowls and water bottles. But we ask owners to bring the amount of food needed for their pet for the duration of their stay to prevent stomach upset.
All hutches are cleaned daily and have plenty of hay and paper to keep your pet warm and clean. Water and food are replaced daily with fresh.

Our indoor rabbits have their own secure heated room with a radio to keep them occupied whilst they play. Access to outdoor runs is also available if owners wish.
Outdoor rabbits and guinea pigs have their own large two tier hutch and grass run for the daytime. We provide them with plenty of toys to stimulate play and lots of fuss.

Everyday, we will feed your animal with fresh fruit and vegetables according to their taste. From carrots to bananas, corn to oranges - whatever your pet likes, we will cater for it.

For boarding hamsters, mice and birds we ask owners to provide their own cages with bedding and food needed for the duration of their stay.

All of our guests will get daily handling and interaction to remind them of the comforts of home.

We provide our customers with a free text messaging service to keep you updated on your pet.

Certain areas only - give us a call for more information



Each guest has daily access to their own large indoor or outdoor run. Our outdoor runs have a sheltered area for shade or protection from the rain.

We offer various different toys, tunnels and chew blocks for your animal's entertainment, and we also advise that owners bring their pets personal toys if they wish.

Health & Hygiene:


All hutches are cleaned and disinfected before use to prevent spread of infection and water and food replaced with fresh.

We give our guests a daily health check

All rabbits must have been vaccinated against myxomatosis within the last 6 months and against VHD within the last 12 months prior to boarding.

Guinea Pigs must have been recently treated for mites prior to boarding.

Your pet(s) vaccination card must be presented to us prior to boarding

We ask owners to bring their own pets food to last for the duration of their stay to prevent stomach upset.

On arrival a registration form will be completed. If your pet has any special dietary requirements or medication, please write this in the space provided and we will follow the instructions.

Animals who are not from the same family will not, under any circumstances, be put together.

Small Pet Boarding Tariff


We suggest that new customers come and have a look at what we offer - and we ask that appointments for this are made by telephone prior to visit, due to parking facilities and animal security, wherein we can meet and greet you.

For prices and bookings, call today

Other Services


*PET SITTING* - Full time worker? Need someone to check on your pet? We will visit your home and feed and play with your pet whilst you work. From rabbits to birds, guinea pigs to hamsters - if you need us to check on your pet we're happy to help.

*PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE* - give us a call for more information

Greenfields, Exeter Road, Dawlish, Devon, ex70nz, United Kingdom
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