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2401 Sqn Air Training Corps

2401 Sqn Air Training Corps


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  • Parade Nights Are Tuesday and Thursday
  • From 19:00 until 21:30
  • For more information about the A.T.C
  • Currently we require Staff and Cadets

We’ve all heard the horror stories from Iraq, the Afghanistan war, the Kosovo war, and other wars which have taken place around the world. Young, vibrant men and women volunteer to go overseas and fight for their country. They sacrifice their peace of mind, time, and comfort. However, when they come back, some of these individuals are not the same ...

Learn more about substance abuse resources for veterans with this useful guide.

01626 86 56 62
2401 Sqn ATC Dawlish Community College, Elm Grove Rd, Dawlish, Devon, United Kingdom
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