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What is the process of seat selection in Delta Airlines

Friday, 20 November 2020 - Tuesday, 20 November 2029
Start 09:00
Contact: Rose
The passengers are generally seen as very excited about their trip, and so they tend to choose whatever seats are available. But now, Delta Airlines provides the opportunity to upgrade their seat even after making the booking. Let us see the following process by which you will be able to select the seats.
The process of selecting the seats in Delta Airlines:
    Launch your web browser and visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
    Then, you will see the option of “My Trips” in the upper-middle of the home screen. You need to click on this, and you will be asked to enter the information like your confirmation number, first name as well as your last name.
    Then, you will have to click on the Search option, and this will open the list of all your bookings that you have made in Delta Airlines.
    You are now free to choose the itinerary in which you want to make the changes.
    As you want to upgrade the seats in the flight of Delta Airlines, you need to go in the section of the seat map, and then you can choose the seats depending on the availability.
    You will have to pay the charges for the seat selection.
    At last, you will receive the confirmation email regarding this on your registered email address.
This is how you will be able to select the seats. You can call on the Delta Airlines reservations number to seek their assistance. The executives will let you know the process you need to follow to go for the seat selection.