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Dawlish Celebrates Carnival


Berniece Wallace86
12 Aug 2018 13:06

The official opening of Dawlish Celebrates Carnival is today at 2pm.

Lots of events going on all week and the Carnival Parade will be on Friday 17th August starting at 7pm approx.

Good luck to all and may the sun shine.



1 Agree
12 Aug 2018 15:56

Forget the play park on the lawn, why not get behind the carnival and make it something unique to Dawlish in stead of the half hearted attempt of a carnival witnessed over the years in Dawlish. I am not knocking those who partake now, make it a talking point that others will not want to miss in the future.

2 Agrees
12 Aug 2018 16:54

Will there be any gorillas taking part?

12 Aug 2018 19:15

I have just seen a big markee where the play park is destined to go or is it the reason why some think it should be where the garden is beside of the TI office, so in future years they can still erect the markee beside the bowling green.

13 Aug 2018 07:27

There was a suggestion in 2016/17 that a large playpark should be sited between the bandstand and the bowling green.  Whilst some welcomed this suggestion it proved contentious, and anyway what had been proposed to the public in the 2016 consultation(a large playpark taking up most of that space) had subsequently been reduced in size as what had been proposed, due to cost, was not viable. So what those in favour of a playpark on the lawn thought they were getting as per the 2016 consultation and what then was subsequently on offer was not the same (sound familiar?).

Because the issue of a playpark being on the lawn proved (is still proving to be?) contentious, the town council set up another lawn working party earlier this year to come up with different proposals.  These proposals are presently out for public consultation and yes the location of the playpark has now been moved to where the flower bed outside the TIC is presently situated. This would have the knock on effect of keeping the area between the bandstand and the bowling green free for other uses including that of the carnival marquee.         


This whole issue has been covered on this website and on various threads for sometime now. Click on this link to read the most recent posts.        

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