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A questionable butterfly


Devon leisure
Julias Sachin
Diana Mondeo

It's OPEN looks great nice new bikes for all the family. and Competition for the bike shop in Town. Good Luck.

Play park
29 Jul 2017

Mararet Swift is an EX councillor.

Anne Marie Morris
17 Jul 2017

Well said 1263 , just let her get on with the work she good at.

11 Jul 2017

Anne-Marie Marris is  a good MP and has put a lot of time in to helping Dawlish.

The next town council meeting is in September, but you can phone and email anytime.

Illegal Parking
1 Jun 2017

@ Tom Cyclists use the road, as the path is now used as a car park.

31 May 2017

I see the Royal Mail van, parked on the Pavement about 10am each day, as in the Photo.

16 May 2017

I see a lot of Blue Badge on display that are folded in half and not showing any time, is this llegal . I have cars/vans parked for days.

12 May 2017

Yesterday I see five vans parked on Cycle Path/Pavement  near Lanherne.

Dog poop
11 May 2017

Do we still have a Dog Warden ????????????????

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