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yes, i agree with you @webmaster .  i raised it because a certain poster (who has recently closed her account but if past form is anything to go by will be back sometime soonish but posting under yet another name) chose to call me that recently.  and i'm pretty certain that wasn't the first time. it usually occurred whenever i was trying to elicit or communicate information that she disapproved ...

1½ weeks ago

If, for example, one member called another member a busybody would that be deemed a personal insult?  Or is the term busybody one that is okay to use on here?

And apparently the bootfair held in Sainsbury's car park on some Sundays during the summer will also no longer be running.

2 weeks ago

@flo - many thanks Have just phoned the tel no for the Weds market. The person I spoke with confirmed that the Wedneday market is now cancelled permanently. Not enough take up to make it financially viable apparently. Thursday boot fair still running (different organisers) but subject, as always. to weather conditions.

2 weeks ago

Anyone know if this is permanently ended? I went along to it this Weds. There were very, very, few market stall holders in fact they were easily out numbered by the car boot sellers. I put the lack of open market sellers down to the bad weather. However, Thursday/Friday this week I got told that the signs advertising the open market that were placed in the field where it gets (got?) held ...

I have absolutely no idea Burneside who reads/posts on this site and where they may quite literally, physically, be based. And neither do you.

@webmaster - " From now on, if someone posts abuse to another member, I will close their account and edit the post to let other members know." c ue - a debate on what is, and what is not, abuse/name calling/making insulting remarks.

I know we can all get very parochial Burneside and that this is a Dawlish based website functions via the World Wide Web It was a general call to arms. And what I said in the very first line of my first post still holds true PS I see Ben Bradshaw's vote in Exeter was MASSIVE. Ben Bradshaw: Labour: 34,336 James Taghdissian: Conservative Party Association: ...

@leatash - the first past the post electoral system we have in this country is far from being democratic. if, as is the case, we have forms of pr in other elections in other parts of the uk i fail to see why we can't have the same for our general elections. Take this constituency. Unless you are a Tory voter your vote is too all intents wasted. How on earth is that democratic?

and then I saw the exit poll result and my jaw dropped even further. And then the results started to come in ..............

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