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I know the figures below refer to Dawlish Warren but I bet a fair number of them also visit the town during their stay at DW. Dawlish Warren is a popular beach on the south coast of Devon, UK (see Figure 23.1W). It has been estimated that the site receives over 800 000 visitors per year with ...

5 days ago

From the minutes of the town council meeting held 4th April 2018 PROPOSED PLAY PARK ON THE LAWN Members considered a report which set out the background and current position of the proposed play park on the Lawn which requested Members to clarify the Council’s position in relation to the scheme. It was suggested that Members first agree whether a play park was still wanted somewhere on ...

6 days ago

More info about the lawn working party. I asked the town clerk if the meetings will have agendas and minutes and, if so, if these would be put in the public domain. This is what I have been told; "Working Groups are not decision-making bodies; they investigate particular matters and make recommendations (with rationale) to the Council or Committee that established them.  They do not have ...

6 days ago

On a not unrelated subject (ie play parks) see this minute from the meeting of the town council's Civic Amenities Committee held last month. My italics in bold. PLAY PARK AT CARHAIX WAY The Clerk advised that he had made enquiries of Teignbridge District Council who had confirmed they would no longer be taking on a maintenance role for any newly constructed play parks across the ...

6 days ago

@DEEDOODLE 1. Have you sent your thoughts above to any/all of those who sit on the new Lawn Working Party? 2. The police and councils (and any other bodies that are funded from the public purse - eg the NHS) can only do what their finances allow them to do. If their finances are cut back then so are the services they can provide.

6 days ago

".......... initially we are seeking YOUR thoughts and views. Later there will of course be a Public Consultation however, right now we need to know what YOU think. "

Although ........on reflection...........and given the amount of rain we've had and how sodden the ground is .....perhaps the Lawn should become a post  Brexit paddy field.

Not being defensive in the least. Entirely up to people whom they contact (if they choose to contact anyone at all). As and when I get information on this subject I will post it on here.

1 week ago

Given that the sender makes a point of requesting that the text be shared - see last line- who it got sent to originally is not relevant. It is doing 'the rounds'. That is why I posted it on here. I could just as easily not have done so. Why not send your opinions to them all if you are so worried.

1 week ago

I have received this: DTC LAWN WORKING PARTY A working party has been convened by Dawlish Town Council and which also  includes representatives from other organisations in Dawlish. The aim of this group is to bring forward a vision for the future of The Lawn to bring forward to Teignbridge District Council, the landowners, for the long -term future of this much -loved green ...

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