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Sophie Victoria88

Yet again, the right wingers trot out the boring old line/lie about JC supporting the IRA. It’s simply not true - and that’s a fact not an opinion

The precedent was set locally when Richard Weekes was granted permission to build a house in the middle of his supposedly precious farmland. This Leo Michaels chap however seems to be a nasty piece of work. I’m not sure though that planning decisions can be based on a persons character.

I’m touchy about your feeble trolling/stalking. You need to get over it burneside. Thanks for your contribution though.

10 Oct 2017

Says Diana Mond. Who rattled your cage burneside? Or are you just trolling?

10 Oct 2017

Sticks and stones, but there’s still no such thing as the Dawlish News newspaper. When one is moaning about accuracy, it’s always good to get ones facts correct.

10 Oct 2017

Dawlish News? There’s no such newspaper.

What information do you mean and how do you want it presented? As far as I can work out, the only meaningful way to present it would be to list every single response. And I’m personally not sure how that amount of detailed data would help anyone. However, I’m definitely coming round to the notion that the consultation should have included a “No I don’t want a playpark anywhere on the Lawn”. ...

23 Sep 2017

I would imagine that it’s because not all of the 680 residents answered all three questions.

I do wonder why people regard “Health & Safety” as an evil?

I've just seen someone on Spotlight News moaning about the planned updated shopping centre in Newton Abbot. Did he make me think of the moaning Dawlish stereotype or what? I'm sure it's available on iPlayer for those who know how to access 21st century technology.

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