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Of course supermarkets are going to mantain profits above value for money. Why expect any differently? We're getting toward peak oil, we have a growing global population who will need feeding, whilst simultaneously global food producation is negatively effected by climate change and over exploitation of natural resources. Food production cost are bound to go up. Many countries are ...

The bottom line if you are a British citizen, not just a pensioner; vote tory to reduce your standard of living - even more. Living standards have been plummeting since 2010 for the majority, whereas some at the top have got even wealthier. So we're obviously not all in it together regarding austerity. Until now pensioners have been afforded a protective bubble because they consistently turnout ...

4 days ago

i agree @leatash society has become very materialistic and consumeristic, these are wants, not needs. we need university to be affordable as society necesitates trained doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, etc but we don't need so many universities and not everyone needs to get a degree. we need less cars on the roads and less pollution from carbon emissions. we don't need products like the ...

6 days ago

Do you know if that quote is from somebody who considers themselves a Tory voter? I'd hope older Tory voters are now waking up to the fact that the Tories don't really give a damn about them. Maybe May thinks that people will vote Tory solely based on delivering Brexit and she can therefore effectively create a death tax on property via the backdoor. It shows how out of touch she is with ...

6 days ago

I've just heard that May will reconsider and publish a green paper (which will presumably be post election) - but still saying that £100K will remain untouched to pass on to children. So nothing has really changed.

thanks @ken

1 week ago

Anyone know why?

I'll clarify - he's not popular with Tory council members who are in the majority at DTC (plus Hockin and Clatworthy - see email trail) given that the Tories considered putting forward a rival candidate, to block automatic protocol, etc. That rarely happens. If you read my previous post we have no idea whether he's popular with the people of Dawlish, which you seem to imply. Maybe the email ...

1 week ago

These councillors in Dawlish Central all got more votes As did these councillors in Dawlish SW Dawlish NE has a smaller electorate/ballot papers issued - and this is reflected in fewer seats - 4 in total. So 12 current councillors won more votes than ...

1½ weeks ago

I know it's just Clatworthy and Hockin. We have no idea whether the electorate see Cllr Wrigley as a popular mayor as we cannot vote for the Town Mayor. If he's not popular with over half of his co-councillors and how can he work with Hockin and Clatworthy? In practical terms that's important. If Mayoral posts were elected according to council votes cast in 2015, Cllr Wrigley would not have ...

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