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Sophie Victoria88

@Diana Mond - the issue of the drunks was serious enough to have the prohibition notices errected, even if they are not enforced. The negative posts, as you call them, are people who feel strongly about Dawlish and need to voice their opinions as to the poor way Dawlish is being treated by its elected officials. is a positive forum that enable ALL participants to air their ...

8 Sep 2017

Takings are down, as Margaret Swift has said, because the air show used to bring a lot of revenue in for the town shops. When the yellow brick road, high street paving, was done the retailer's felt a large revenue hit from that and the consequence of less car parking by the shops for the future. The town has a permanent drinking club whose pride of young and old lounge around The Lawn drinking, ...

6 Sep 2017

@Margaret Swift - you will more than likely get a comment back stating that it goes against some european law to give out the data.

6 Sep 2017

@Diana Mond -'proposed to improve dawlish'....the track record. so far, is not an impressive one! You miss the point - the 'public consultation' questions were one sided with only where the play park would be located on The Lawn. The only place to say NO to the play park on The Lawn was in the comments section and these seem to have not been made public. This is unacceptable

5 Sep 2017

The public consultation was a sham and unsupported/unrealistic statistics promoted to allow momentum on this waste of money project. What is required, is a public consultation that is run with a balanced content of questions that allow the resident's of Dawlish to say YES or NO to whether they wish to have an ADDITIONAL play park for Dawlish constructed in the heart of the town which will ...

4 Sep 2017

So with the basic essential services literally non existent the town council is able to find over a £120,000 for a second play park to take up nearly a third of The Lawn's current space. All this, in my opinion, based on a public consultation that only asked where on The Lawn it should be placed. The only place to say NO to this ridiculous scheme was in the comments section of the questions and ...

Pics of the week
2 Sep 2017

CEO's salaries of these charities need to brought in line with other large organisations i.e. BBC, etc. Well under paid by current standards I would say.

The Fair
1 Sep 2017

@leatash - and your point is? Well it certainly has not got less over the last year or so, has it!

1 Sep 2017

How much of the issues we have had with undesireables in town could possibly be related to the reported town manager's attitude towards police in town?

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