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Sophie Victoria88

So is this happening or not, I sincerely hope not.

Excellent, everyone can swim in the sea this Winter....It's probably because they tested the water out of seasons so holiday makers wee was not ditected.

We are gone stupid in this world, and Dawlish is getting no better. Roads are for vehicles, by that I mean motrised ones. Paths are for pedestrians. Cycle paths are for byicles. Parking spaces are to park your cars in Corners are for driving around into a road Pavements are barriers between roads and pedistrians I'm sure some clever person can expland this list, but is ...

Do we have any CCTV, someone must know something about this, idiots.

It is all a pointless game, we have forgotten how to look after our countryside and will allow a house or two....hundred anywhere.

25 Oct 2017

I'm not sure what to make it of this...I mean this guy shoots someone with a crossbow, and shoots the wrong person...when he's out will he go after the right one? Not nice to think about. I hope that having one conversion on the land does now open up the permission for more to be built. Then we live in the land and time where any green space is worthy of a house...sadly.

What is it with the need for everyone to be swearing all over this site @webmaster - I really think the beach needs to be concentrated on and I'm sure somehow more could be made of the railway attraction it brings.

12 Oct 2017

So, the question on topic was, what could the area be used for? How about an Ice Cream Kiosk, or we could even put the new play park there if people want it so much.

4 Oct 2017

It might have surived the not so famous storm but I don't see how it is historic for sure?!

Well whats to say it is not nonsense? Whats to say she's not right?

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